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Maresco Technologies: Precision Mechanics

Click for full size image The Mechanics department produces parts and tools tailored to each customer's specifications.

Maresco employs its wide variety of sophisticated CNC machinery for the manufacturing of your specified component.

At Maresco, we offer traditional model making techniques coupled with the latest advances in CAD-CAM software and CNC technology. Send us your drawings or CAD data, and our professional staff will quickly respond to your request.

We offer the following stages on the way to realizing your specification:

  1. CNC machining - A wide variety of CNC machining centers, capable of machining parts up to 5000 mm. long. The computerized machining centers include 4-5 axes milling.
  2. CNC turning - Using lathes up to 700 mm. in diameter and 1500 mm. in length.
  3. Grinding - Using cylindrical and internal grinding up to 1500 mm. in length and 630 mm. in diameter as well as surface grinding capabilities.

Click for full size image The sophisticated machinery we have invested in guarantees delivery of parts sized from 5 millimeters small to 5 meter large in a large variety of materials.

Planning and design is supported by sophisticated CAD systems. The production is completed using high-precision machinery supported by CAM software in an air-conditioned environment to ensure optimal precision levels.

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