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About Us

Click for full size image A privately owned company, Temmek Optics Ltd. originated from an environment of high precision optics, founded by
Mr. Zeev Maresse in 1972. In 1984 a sister company, Maresco Technologies Ltd. was founded, branching into the field of mechanics.

The company now offers manufacturing services for mechanical and optical elements.

Maresco is active in the high-tech, aviation and defense industries, supplying custom mechanical and optical elements and system integration.

Click for full size image Nearly 100 engineers, physicists and technicians work at Maresco's 4,000 sqm facilities, which house state-of-the art equipment valued at nearly $15 million.

Reaching beyond classical metal machining, Maresco created a niche in its ability to tailor very special parts, in uncompromising standards of precision, quality and timely delivery. ISO-9002 and MIL-I-45208A certified, Maresco's sterling reputation has been built on its ability to integrate both optical and machined parts to satisfy any non-standard, complex requirement in terms of size, shape and material.

Click for full size image Serving clients as diverse as HP and Orbotech, as well as the Israeli Aviation Industry, Elbit, and Rafael. Maresco's tailored components can be found worldwide in printers and quality control equipment for silicone chips and PCBs, as well as in jet aircraft, satellites, drones and more.

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